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Thank you for inquiring about membership to the Ponce Inlet Corvette Club. We would welcome you to be our next Club Member.

Our membership requirements are listed below. Please review these requirements and complete the application.

1. Our By-Laws state you must be a Corvette Owner over the age of 21. Click Here, to view our By Laws.

2. Our annual membership dues are $50.00. Membership dues are payable at time of application to the Club.


1. View our by-laws and membership application.

2. Print The Application. Click Here, to print application.

3. Bring it with you to our next meeting.

Click Here, for dates and times of our next meeting.

If you have questions you can contact the President –Bill Nelson,

Club By Laws

Sect. 1 Name
The name of the Club will be Ponce Inlet Corvette Club Inc., hereinafter referred to as “The Club” or as “The Non-profit Corporation.”

Sect. 2 Designation
The Club shall be a Non-profit Corporation under the laws of the State of Florida.

Sect. 3 Office of the Corporation   
The Registered Office of the Non-profit Corporation shall be at the address of the Ponce Inlet Community Center, 4670 S Peninsula Drive, Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

Sect. 4 Purpose
The purpose of The Club shall be to promote safe use and enjoyment of Corvettes and to share fellowship with club members, their families, and the local community. The Club should encourage trips, events, and social activities for its members.

Sect. 5 Charities
The Club supports various charities and may on occasion hold events that benefit and raise funds for these charities. All such events must be proposed to, and have prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Club. No charity will be eligible to receive more than 50% of budgeted charitable funds unless agreed upon by the majority of the membership present at the meeting.   

Newly Nominated Charities should, if possible, make a formal presentation to the membership; prior to the annual meeting, addressing what their specific charity does and how any donated funds will be used.

Sect. 1 Membership           
Membership shall be open to any Corvette owner over 21 years of age and their spouse or significant other. Any membership paid on or before March 22, 2005 shall be considered a Charter Membership. Each membership shall have only one vote.

Sect. 2 Application for Membership   
Application will be made on The Club Membership Form and given to the Membership Chairperson.
The membership Chairperson forward to the treasurer, all membership registration funds.

Sect. 3 Continuing Membership Requirements
Members that no longer own a Corvette will have six months to obtain ownership in another Corvette or forfeit membership in the Club. There will be no refund of dues to members who forfeit their membership under this section. Any member whose annual dues and fees are current is considered an Active Member.

If a club member resigns from the Club, that member will not be entitled to participate in any Club functions, until that member formally requests a new membership application. At that point, all new membership requirements must be once again satisfied.

Sect.4 Membership Expulsion   
Any member may be expelled for any infraction of The Club By-laws, rules, or such other causes as may be determined by the majority of the members present at the meeting  as not being in the best interest of The Club.

Before such action is final, the member shall have the opportunity to submit in writing or in person his/her position on any charges stated. There will be no refund of dues when a member is expelled under this section.

Sect. 5 Associate Membership   
On occasion, the Board may approve an Associate Membership for Sponsors, Dignitaries, persons, or other entities that have been, or will be, instrumental in the forwarding of the Clubs goals and objectives. Corvette ownership is not required for an Associate Membership. Associate Membership must be approved by a majority of the Board and may be rescinded at any time by a majority vote of the Board.for any or no reason.

Associate Memberships will pay no fee, and will be in addition to the Regular memberships. They will not be considered one of the memberships.

Associate Membership will be for a period of one year and will run concurrently with regular memberships. They will expire December 31st of each year, and must be approved each year by a majority vote of the Board.

Associate Memberships will be afforded all the benefits of regular membership except the ability to vote and hold office. Associate Memberships may be recommended by any club member, but final approval must be by a positive vote of the majority of the Board.

Sect. 1 Dues and Initiation Fees   
Current dues are $50.00 per year per membership. Dues for membership will be proposed annually by the Club President and will be voted upon and approved by a majority of Active members at the January meeting. Annual dues are due and payable by the end of December.

Dues are non-refundable and non-prorated. New members joining after October first (1), or later, of the current calendar year shall pay dues at the time of joining for the new calendar year.

Membership shall lapse if annual dues are not paid in full after the January meeting of that years dues.

Sect.1 Meetings
Annual meetings will be held in December, on the first Tuesday. In the event of a change of date, time, or place of the Annual Meeting, the Secretary shall notify each membership at least 15 days prior to the rescheduled date.

The Annual meeting will include, among other items, an election of officers. Sitting board members must declare their intentions to be re-nominated for their existing or anew position at the November meeting. Nominations for all board positions will then be accepted from the floor at the November meeting. Ballots will be prepared by the Club Secretary and voting for new officers will be by secret ballot at the annual meeting in December.

Monthly meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month; Board meetings, the first Tuesday of the month. Special meetings of the officers or members may be called by the President or a majority of the Board of Directors. Board meetings will be open to the membership with the exception of one board meeting per quarter that may be closed to the membership at the discretion of the President.

The membership shall have no input at open board meetings unless specifically addressed by the board or the President opens the board meeting up to comments from the membership.

Sect.2 Member Quorum and Voting 
A quorum will consist of a majority present at the meeting.. Each Active Membership is entitled to one (1) vote, either by “show of hands” or by secret ballot at the discretion of the presiding officer. However, voting for officers shall always be done by secret ballot.

Absentee ballots may be requested and submitted for election of officers. Absentee ballots will  be provided by the Club Secretary a minimum of ten (10) days prior to voting. Ballots must be returned to the secretary clearly marked “BALLOT”, three days prior to the annual meeting. Absentee ballots will be tabulated with all other ballots at the scheduled meeting applicable to the vote.

If a board member is either voted out of or resigns their position on the board, that person may not be nominated or elected to any board position for a minimum of two (2) years.

Sect. 1 Officers
Every two years at the Annual December meeting, the Active Members shall elect from its members a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director at Large. Each officer is jointly designated a Director. The officers constitute the Board of Directors of The Club and will take office at the following January meeting.

Sect. 2 Term Lengths
Officers are elected for a two-year term (January – December). There will be no term limitations. Board members may serve until they resign or get defeated by election when their two-year term expires.

Sect. 3 Vacancies
Vacancies in an Officer position shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors to finish the remainder of the term.

Sect. 4 Removal and Resignation of Officers
Any member of the Board of Directors may be removed from office with or without cause by the vote or agreement in writing by a majority of all voting memberships. The notice of a meeting of the members to recall a member or members of the Board of Directors shall state the specific Director(s) sought to be removed. Any such proposed removal of a Director at a meeting shall be made by separate vote for each Director sought to be removed. If removal of a Director(s) is effective at a meeting, any vacancies created thereby shall be filled by the members at that same meeting.

Any Director removed from office shall turn over to the Board of Directors within 72 hours any and all records of the Club in his/her possession. A Director may resign any time by delivering a written notice thereof to the Board of Directors or the President.

Such a notice is effective when the notice is delivered unless a later date is specified in the notice. The resigning Director shall within 72 hours of the official resignation date, turn over any and all records of the Club in his/her possession.

Sect. 5 Duties           
President – Shall preside at all meetings of the members and Board of Directors.
Perform all the duties and requirements associated with the office of President and CEO of the Non-profit Corporation. Appoint committees as needed, maintain relationships with Sponsors, Community leaders, and other clubs and provide planning and strategies that support The Club’s welfare and future success.

The President shall approve all cash distributions. The President shall ensure that all disbursements and deposits are documented and presented to the membership on a monthly basis.

President - The President shall have custody of the Club’s Records.

The President is responsible for filing Form 990-N for tax-exempt organizations with the IRS annually before May 15.

Vice President – Duties will include but are not limited to, presiding at meetings in the absence of the President and performing tasks to assist the President when requested.  The Vice President shall be the liaison for the Club Sponsors and Club Charities.

Secretary – Duties will include but are not limited to, attending all meetings of members and Directors and recording all minutes and votes. The Secretary shall keep an up to date record of all Active Members along with a roll call of members attending meetings. The Secretary shall prepare all minutes from the Club Meetings for placement on the website.

In absence of the Secretary from any of the meetings, a secretary pro-temp shall be chosen by the presiding Officer.

The Secretary shall issue, document and provide to the board and the membership the number of absentee ballots issued and received for the election of officers, charity selection, emergent charitable donations, club annual dues and proposed charitable Club events and their venues. The Secretary shall tally all ballots and provide the results to the membership for each vote that is taken by secret ballot. The Secretary may select a committee to assist and oversee the ballot tabulation.

Treasurer – Duties will include but are not limited to, maintaining the Club’s checking account and all financial records, , reporting on said records at each meeting, paying all Club financial responsibilities on a regular timely basis, maintaining possession of the Club checkbook, and co-signing checks with the Club President/designated Officer.

The Treasurer shall present a general accounting of all club funds annually, at the January board meeting, for audit by a non-officer audit committee selected by the President.

The Treasurer is responsible for creating and maintaining an annual Budget for the Club.

Annually the Treasurer is responsible for filing the Annual Report of Incorporation with the State of Florida between January and May 1 of each year. 

The Treasurer shall submit a written report no less than monthly of all receipts and
disbursements to the board. The report shall be presented to the membership at the
monthly general meeting and incorporated into the meeting minutes.

Director at Large – Duties will include but not be limited to meeting notification, dinner liaison, sunshine notification, and assisting other Board Officers when requested.

The Director at Large shall maintain an up to date inventory of all club equipment and support materials and their physical locations. The inventory shall be made available to any committee chair, event coordinator and the membership. An up to date inventory shall be presented, in writing, to the board and the membership on a semi-annual basis at the January and July general meetings.

Sect.1 Club Property
Property and items purchased by The Club will be the sole property of The Club.
Ownership of logos, artwork, or photos used in connection with, or to represent The Club, must become property of The Club and their ownership must be signed over to The Club prior to their use.

The Club President will file US Trademark and Copyright applications for all logos used. They will be registered solely in the name of The Club and any use, reproduction, or sale of these items without prior consent of the Board of Directors is strictly prohibited.

The Club Secretary shall keep a written list of all club property valued at over $50.00.

If The Club disbands, the property of The Club will be disposed of in accordance with the majority vote of Active Members present at a meeting called for this purpose. Nothing in the above statement will keep The Club property from being disposed of as Florida Law permits and/or dictates for a Non-profit Corporation.

Sect.1 Personal Liability
All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with or having any claims against The Club, or the Officers, shall look only to the funds of The Club for payment of any debt, damage judgment or decree or any other money that may otherwise become due and payable to them from The Club or its Officers. Neither the members of The Club, nor the Officers, present nor future, shall be personally liable for any such contract, claims, debt, damage, judgment, or decree.
As protection against unforeseen liability claims arising from The Club’s activities, the Officers of The Club are required to maintain, without lapse, reasonable Liability Insurance for the Active Members of The Club and its officers.

Sect.1 Amendments
Pending Board Approval, these By-Laws may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by presenting the change to the membership for two (2) consecutive meetings and  a 2/3 vote of the general members in good standing in attendance at any regular or specially called meeting of the membership.

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